Episode 12

At home, Gil examines the Blue Sky Farms files. It was a shell company involving Ole, Eddie Lofgren, and Eddie’s son, Bob, set up to speculate on the futures market in violation of cooperative rules. They had lost a huge sum of money that way, then began stealing grain from the elevator and selling it to cover those losses. Criminal fraud, no doubt, but no apparent connection to the murders at Northern Star. Gil takes the files to Bob Alsup. Bob is appropriately appalled but suggested hiring an outside accounting firm to conduct a third-party investigation, since the computer files Gil had obtained had been gotten illegally and would not hold up in court. That would take a vote of the board of directors, so Bob convenes a meeting at his farm with a bare quorum of members known to dislike Ole. The board goes along with doing an outside investigation and to suspend Ole with pay. Eddie Lofgren arrives with his son.