Episode 13

Eddie and Bob exchange harsh words with members of the Northern Star board of directors, and after several county sheriff’s deputies show up to keep the peace, the two of them leave. Later Gil receives a call from Michelle Lofgren who has decided to come to Iowa after all to help the police with their investigation and exonerate her father. Gil arranges to put Michelle and her boyfriend Charlie Toussaint up at a motel outside of Monrovia. The next morning, Bob Alsup, Curly Petersen, and Gil go to the coop office and deliver the news to Ole Torvaldsson that an outside accounting firm was coming in to go through Northern Star’s finances, and Ole has been suspended as general manager. Bob names Gil acting general manager in Ole’s place. After Bob and Curly leave, Gil confronts the actual murderer of Marcus Grover and Sollie Finkel and explains how he solved the puzzle.